Thursday, October 21, 2004

Back in Canada

Well my adventures overseas have now come to a halt. I shed tears everyday. I miss the sun and the warmth and the simplicity of life in the Med. My brother picked me up at the airport and then took me grocery shopping. I was a perfect copy of Niagara Falls. I would stop and look at the price of the produce, " $11.00 for 2 kilos of tomatoes! What a rip off!" I would walk down the aisles for cereal, and see all the choices and just keep on walking. I would cry because I couldn't make up my mind over a can of mushrooms because there were too many to choose from. I am still overwhelmed. I cried the other day because a woman in a car stopped to let me cross the street!

Both of my animals have put on the kilos that I took off. Because of the Jet lag, I'm up early and Tanner and I go out to the Commons. I remember why we don't play frisbee in the winter. He catches it once and the plastic cracks because it is so cold.

I was talking to my friend KOSTAS yesterday. Bloody 28 degrees at 20:00 in Kalabaka! Climbing in T-shirts. While I'm here in this bloody cold country trying to decide how many layers to put on.

I'm on the job hunt. I have faxed off tons already and am in the process of pounding the pavement. My favourite free internet space has been indefinetly closed until the building gets a new roof. Lucky me!

There are still many stories left to tell and now I will try to focus on those. Hopefully I will be able to finish the one titled Alfa before my time runs out.

I am home once again... so for those who wish to call me... 431-4043/ 802-2378. I don't have any money on my cell. but you can still leave messages and I can retrieve them while I'm out.