Thursday, September 30, 2004

Return to Athens

Well today I left Lamia for Delphi.
In Delphi walking up the sidewalk I was admiring the view. It's situated on the foothills of mountains. I, however was not looking at the ancient site, I was looking at the mountains thinking "look at that crack, that would be awesome to climb" when OPA! I stepped in the gutter, lost my balance and fell to the ground. Very unlady like I might add, with some not so repeatable words coming out of my mouth. Later, while contemplating the real site it occured to me what my goddess name is: Goddess of misplaced steps.
I tripped on Mt Olympus and at the Oracle. Cursed alot too, but that is beside the point. Now when my family and friends address me, they must use Jodi, Goddess of Misplaced Steps...
Delphi was quite interesting, I forgot how much that whisle rattled my nerves. I was constently looking around making sure it wasn't me they were pointing at.
Meteora has ruined me though. I kept looking at the rocks thinking, 'that wouldn't be too hard', 'that would be an awesome chimney' ... I think climbing is now for sure in my blood. Even though it wasn't sandstone.
Today was a lot of travelling on the bus. I'm in Athens for the night. I will visit Crete tomorrow to do the Samaria gorge and the Minoan sites, after I'm off to Italy to visit with Willy in Amalfi. It's hard to believe that tomorrow is the first of October and I have only 18 days left in Europe!