Thursday, September 23, 2004

Happy Tipouro Day!!!!!!

Mna today, I stepped in some gunky stuff that stuck to the bottom of my sandal and wouldn't come off. At least it didn't stink!

I've had a hard time getting to an internet cafe. I'm at a campground in Kastraki and have met these wonderful people that I spend most of my time with. I have successfully climbed 6 different peaks in Meteora. My name is now in the summit books. Yesterday, Silvek, Iza and I were the 39th team to complete one of the routes. It feels really good to stand on the top of a rock. I have a new appreciation for climbing and I think for sure I will keep doing it when I get back to Canada.
I'm waiting for Kostas and his friend right now. They are going to change some pitons and bolts on one of the routes. After Kostas and I will go climbing and he is going to show me how to lead. Tonight Kostas is bringing supper to the campground, tipouro moonshine and we are all going out to Kalabaka to Whoop it up. Iza and Silvek head back home tommorow. I think I might stay until Monday providing that I can find others to climb with.
There are so many stories to update everyone with. I have yet to finish my story of my hike up Olympus!
I have sent some postcards, but there are still many yet to buy, write and send. If you gave me your address and haven't received one yet, it'll come!
MOM I'm okay!!! It's just hard to communicate from the top of a Rock!