Thursday, September 02, 2004

Another Day, Another Ruin

Yesterday I went to the Temple of Zeus beside the national Gardens. I think there are only sixteen pillars remaining but they are collosal! Anyways, I'm down around the side looking at all the old settlements from different eras, wondering off all by myself. I'm a little unsure as to whether I'm supposed to be in the area, my philosophy is to try until someone tells me no. Around here they blow the Whistles, Annoying, screeching, always going off. I'm a little paranoid because oftentimes it's for me. How I'm I supposed to know not to go somewhere if it's not cordonned off, or there are no signs? So I'm cruising around and I see this makeshift wooden bridge; it looks like one for a wheelbarrow. I looked around, didn't see anyone and stepped on it... Well, let me tell you, an alarm went off and I flew off that bridge so bloody fast. (if you read previous posts, you know about the museum) I looked around, saw noone and stepped on it again. Nothing. Just one of those bloody coincidences I guess. So i finished y little tour without a care in the world.

I bought some watercolor pencils last night and a scketch pencil and a small sketch book. I've already started to use them. The art supplies here are amazingly cheap. I'm starting to run low on pages in my journal. Can you believe it? And I've been gone 2 weeks... 7 more to go. Feels like I have all the time in the world.

Today I ran around the Ancient Agora, took more pics, saw some awesome stuff in the museum. I think tommorrow I might go see socrates' prison... I'm also thinking I need a beach breack so who knows. Wish I had a pic to show everyone enjoying the 5 minute weather how dark I'm getting, and I'm not even trying... hahahaha. I haven't seen rain since I left Paris 2 weeks ago. This sure ain't Halifax.
Post again soon...xoxoxo