Friday, August 20, 2004

Planes, trains, and ferries

Hello everyone,
I have finally arrived in Greece. I'm at the port of Patras waiting for my train to athens!!!To the Olympics!!!!!!!

The last post I wrote, I was very jetlagged, but I feel a bit better now. And boy is she hot here. What I don't understand is how the Europeans walk around in pants and jeans in this heat? It feels like the church on Lisa's wedding day.

I toured Paris, walked up and down the Seine. Saw the Louvre, of course she's closed on Tuesdays and no need to guess the only day I was in Paris. I strolled dow the Champs Elyssees to the Arc de Triomphe and saw the obelisk and where Louis and Marie Antoinette were decapitated.
On my way back to the train Gare de Lyon, for those familiar with paris (ha ha), I was stopped by this sound, a groovy jive put together by a group of men beating on their drums. So I stuck around and enjoyed the sounds.

I got to the station to find out that I could no longer get a ticket for the overnight to Milan, I had to buy it from the conductor at yet another station. Well...

I got stuck going through the subway doors with my bags. Icouldn't go forward or back. I had to take it off and beat and kick them they were so wedged. Then I got on the subway going the wrong way, finally I got to the station with 15 min to spare. I eventually found my conductor, Antonie, a real cutie.
He settled me in and then invited me for some champagne in his room, convieniently next door. So I went. He's french from paris and works for the Italian train. When he finally understood what I was saying, he seemed genuienly interested in knowing that I had worked for the train in Canada. The champagne made me dozy and after a while I had to retire.
I had a room to myself, with a real bed and sheets and blankets and pillows! In second class. I even got cappuccino and a croissant in the morning. Not bad I thought. Better than economy in Canada.
I got to Milan and boought a rail pass and hoped on a train to Bologna. In bologna, I transfered to a train to Bari, the connection was too soon and I didn't get a chance to check out any sites.
If you are reading this willy, I've been trying to call but i cant seem to get through? Maybe I don't have the right number or I missed one copying it over... In other words, send me your number again.

I'm getting booted off the computer here (In Patras) I'll continue at another time.