Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Today I arrived in Paris

Today I stepped in a huge puddle, too bad it wasn't after I stepped in the donkey doo.

How the time does fly. I'm on the net in a little spot somewhere off the champs Elyssees. The past few days have been very hectic with very little sleep.
Fri: Woke up late- set my clock for pm instead of am. Went in to VIA and resigned. Left for the Island by 10:30. Wedding rehearsal...
Sat: Dyed my head with bright red streaks to be "Visibly Canadian". Lisa's wedding was beautiful! i cried a lot. Drank a lot and slept very little.
Sun: Brunch, got a ride to Moncton and hopped on the train to Montreal.
Mon: At Dorval, tried to use my Aeroplan points but couldn't redeem them because I didn't have a credit card. Had to pay full price for a ticket to the T dot. In the air I realised that my zoom air flight stopped in Montreal before going to Paris. I could have probably switched departure terminals for less. Oh well!
Almost fogot my wallet in the little binnie going through the metal detector. Ooops.
The trip was a little rough. didn't get to sleep very much, between supper and breakfast there was no time to sleep.
I did spill my apple juice all over though. Including, up my pants and in my crotch. I didn't look very pretty when the seatbelt light went off and I had to go to the washroom.
I spent at least 3 hours running around Charles de Gaulle; looking for a flight, found nothing but a bunch of militia with very large guns and a broken internet station. Finally I decide to come into the city, check it out and do some comparrisson shopping.

So long for now...
well talk in a couple of days when I get to another stop