Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Hello from nowhere

I onlyhave 8 more minutes on the timer.
Internet is really expensive up here iin Meteora. What a beautiful place it is though, very relaxing.
I climbed Mount Olympus...Those are many stories I don't have time to tell about now, next time.
I'm at a campground, with real hot showers... It had been so long since I had one I felt like I was using up the whole water tank, which must be huge.
I felt like Mr been goes camping when I first got here. I hiked up from the rail station at 530 in the morning and of course was always sure I missed it, looking down every dirt road I came accross. Finally I turn a corner and Voila, a huge camping sign. The gate was shut and locked and I was walking aroundto see if I could get in. No. High fence, vines, ect.. I went back to the gate and thought I'd hang out until someone opened up. I touched the gate by accident and a small door opened up. Picture that of course with me continuously mumbling under my breath...
go to run no time