Wednesday, September 29, 2004

:( Finally left Meteora

Today I packed up my stuff, my food and my tent and said a sad farewell to Meteora with a promise to return next year.
I'm in Lamia on my way to Delphi tomorrow to visit the Oracle, then Athens for a night, and Crete for a few days. After I ship over to Italy for a visit with Willy before heading to London and ending in Halifax.
Yesterday, I did two more summits. 10 in all! The past few days I've been climbing with a Saxon, Volker. We did this crazy crack! Wow! that was a challenge. I got to the end and was so thrilled. No, "I'm glad that is done with!" only "That was awesome!" Last night I went to the Taverna with all of the Saxons. They left today as well. No more reasons to stay. Well we drank Amstel all night. At one point it was only myself, Volker, Houver, and 'Wuss'( I can never remember his name, he's always doing something that I think is wussy. Kostas popped in for a bit as well. At one point, Houver came back from a 'Pinkle Bowser' and told us that only 11 more beer were left in the fridge. That was a challenge! So we started in. Just when we had allmost made it, the owner starts putting more beer in the fridge. That was not a pretty sight. Big, tall, blonde, long haired drunk German arguing with the owner about how he's not allowed to put more beer in the fridge!
We stumbled back to the Campsite at I don't know what time! I woke up and I swear I was still drunk craving a great big Greasy Spoon breakfast. I had to settle for Tyropitta, Cheese Pie.
Kostas drove me down to the station and I cried, of course. But this is all part of travelling, meeting and forming great friendships.